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RENEWPR Celebrates Pride Month 2022

We've now completed a whirlwind Pride Month 2022. It was a month filled with highs and lows, like any month in the past few years, frankly. What was different this year was the sense that, as the Museum of Public Relations said in their annual Pride event title this year, LGBTQ rights are on the line. That sense was reinforced on June 24th, when the Supreme Court announced their ruling in the Dobbs case, declaring that women no longer had control over their own reproductive choices. This ruling, and the accompanying comments from at least one Justice and many external commentators about the meaning of this case and others to follow, made it clear that everything has changed. Our rights, our freedoms, our equality are on the line - and on the ballot. This Pride Month was more important than ever.

At a time when visibility and engagement are more important than ever, we are proud to be certified as an LGBT Business Enterprise by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Just our existence and that of the thousands of other LGBT-owned businesses demonstrates the power and potential of LGBT equality.

We celebrated Pride Month extensively this year and tried to be clear that while Pride is a celebration, it started as a protest. In the months ahead, with what we know we all have to face, we're definitely going back to the future. Before we do, here's a summary of the ways in which we, and agency president Ben Finzel, marked this momentous month and laid the foundation for the work to come.

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