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Our Certifications

Restoring common sense to communications means many things to us. A return to basics. A focus on our four key principles of communications: truth, clarity, engagement and collaboration. An approach built on the idea that senior-level experts should do the work as well as guide the overall effort with and for our clients.

It also means highlighting what makes us unique as a firm. RENEWPR is, among other things, a gay-owned business. We are proud members of the Capital Area Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (CAGLCC) and RENEWPR President Ben Finzel has previously spoken at events sponsored by both the CAGLCC and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), including a presentation to the NGLCC corporate advisory council at the organization’s national conference in Seattle in 2009.

We have decided to capitalize on that distinction by seeking certification as a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Business Enterprise (LGBTBE ®) from the NGLCC. Late last month we received that certification, becoming one of hundreds of businesses that are certified across the country.

In recognition of this certification, we have added the LGBTBE ® certification logo to the masthead of our website: it's in the upper righthand corner next to the links to our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. We’ve also added a paragraph explaining the certification to the WHY page of our website and included a reference to the certification in Ben Finzel’s biography on the WHO page of our website.

In the months and years ahead, we’ll use our LGBTBE ® certification to qualify for LGBT-specific business opportunities and we’ll take advantage of the excellent programming sponsored by both NGLCC and CAGLCC to help build our business.

We’re excited and yes, proud, to add this new distinction to our business - during Pride Month no less - and we thank the team at the NGLCC for their dedication to helping LGBT-owned businesses grow and thrive.


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