Although we work with a variety of alliance, association, coalition, company, foundation and NGO leaders on a number of issues, we focus on energy, environmental and LGBTQ communications.

We help our clients build, create, grow and nurture their organizations by addressing their energy, environmental and LGBTQ communications challenges.

Energy Communications 


As a communications consideration, energy is about much more than "just" where the energy comes from to power our homes and businesses or how that system works. Energy is the lifeblood of the global economy and has the power to hinder or help the worldwide environment. It's all encompassing. Communications efforts about it are increasingly important to business, government, advocates and consumers. 


In the context of communications, we define the term "energy" broadly: it includes energy policy and regulation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, generation and transmission, cleantech, transportation, construction and economic development and other key industries that produce or use energy.


In his more than 25-year career in Washington, Ben has written policy on these issues, advised clients on numerous topics in these areas and developed and managed national campaigns advocating for programs affecting energy and related industries. 


RENEWPR works with association, alliance, coalition, corporation, foundation, NGO and other clients to help restore common sense to communications about these essential issues. 

Environment Communications


Environmental policies and practices have evolved from a topic addressed only by committed advocates in big cities to a business consideration leading Fortune 500 companies to commit to emissions reductions in response to global climate change. The "environment" is a topic of daily conversation and a prime motivator of policy, regulation and business decisions.


We consider "environment communications" to be as wide-ranging as the impact our daily actions have on the environment: it includes environmental policy and regulation, climate change, sustainability, clean air, natural resource and land use, historic preservation, wildlife protection, water use and reuse, and recycling. 


Over the past 25+ years, Ben has helped enact policy on national monument designations and private land preservation, worked with wildlife advocates to promote responsible solutions to transportation challenges, and led national and international efforts to focus attention on climate change, sustainability, clean air and wildlife protection.


RENEWPR works with association, alliance, coaltion, corporation, foundation, NGO and other clients to help restore common sense to communications about these vital topics.

LGBTQ Communications


Communications by, for, with and to the LGBTQ community have evolved dramatically in just the past decade. Despite much progress, much work remains. As a certified LGBT Business Enterprise, we understand how to engage audiences on LGBTQ issues and opportunities because we are members of this community and we have been working within it for decades. 

To us, "LGBTQ communications" is as diverse as the community itself: it includes helping LGBTQ advocacy organizations communicate their policies to media, forging partnerships between LGBTQ groups and companies and organizations, working with companies and organizations to engage with our community and more. 

Over the past 25+ years, Ben has worked to advance the LGBTQ community from co-developing the proposal that lead to Edelman offering domestic partner benefits to its employees to co-creating the first global LGBTQ communications practice at the international PR firm FleishmanHillard and co-launching The Change Agencies, the first and only national network of independently-owned multicultural and LGBTQ PR firms. 

RENEWPR works with association, alliance, coaltion, corporation, foundation, NGO and other clients to help restore common sense to communications about these fundamental topics.

LGBTQ Case Study

We always enjoy working with Ben: he has deep experience in energy communications and is motivated and enthusiastic about the success of his clients. He understands what organizations need to do and say to communicate effectively and he knows how to work with them to build and conduct compelling communications programs.

Kateri Callahan, Former President, Alliance to Save Energy