RENEWPR Approach

Our approach is based on four primary offerings to clients: strategy, messaging, media and partnerships. We view these activities as central to any successful communications program because they represent the four principles of communications we follow: truth, clarity, engagement and collaboration. These principles guide our approach to restoring common sense to communications and inform everything we do with clients whether we're working on one, several or all of these activities with clients. Here's how we bring that approach to life. 



Truthful communication requires a strategy that reflects you because it is true to who you are and what you stand for - today and tomorrow. 

We work with clients to develop campaign plans, conduct communications audits, evaluate communications opportunities, analyze existing communications programs and identify the most relevant approaches to their energy, environment and equity communications challenges. 



Clear communication requires a message that accurately represents your point of view clearly and without cumbersome or confusing language. 


We help clients consider and develop new messaging, review and adjust existing talking points, and deliver their point of view through persuasive op-ed, blog, speech and other writing focused on communicating about energy, environmental and equity issues and opportunities. 



Engaging communication requires an understanding of how to work with media and which outlets to engage to reach your target audiences.

We develop and conduct media outreach programs with clients to educate audiences on issues and initiatives, build reputation, and/or respond to crisis situations. We plan and conduct media events. We counsel clients on social media engagement and help develop, refine and manage online outreach programs using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 



Collaborative communication requires sustainable partnerships that expand and extend your efforts and compel your partners to take action. 


We collaborate with clients to analyze existing partnerships and third party initiatives, develop and manage new engagement programs, create and manage coalitions and plan and conduct coalition and partner events (both public and private). 

Ben and I collaborated on an industry-wide sustainability program at a time when the industry was just beginning to think differently about partnerships and communication strategies. We all appreciated Ben's ability to understand where we were and help us think through the best ways to get where we needed to go. Ben's deep knowledge of sustainability communications and his flexibility in building and conducting a thoughtful engagement program helped to build the foundation for our ongoing efforts.

David Shepherd, Director, Sustainable Development, Portland Cement Association