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RENEWPR Environment Case Study

Lions and Tigers and (Polar) Bears, Oh My!


In 1997, the Worldwide Fund for Nature/WWF was finalizing plans for the media launch of the organization’s “Living Planet Campaign” dedicated to identifying and preserving the most important remaining wild places and animals around the world.



Ben joined a team of agency colleagues as media and organizational lead for the final six months of the project. Working with a core team in Washington and clients on two continents, Ben helped develop the launch plan and coordinated the details for a launch event in London with live-by-satellite connections to three other locations. Ben also conducted site visits to identify the event location, managed outreach to high-profile participants and led the media team promoting the event to a global media outlet audience in London and around the world. 



Working on site for the final two weeks, Ben and his colleagues planned and executed a successful, widely-attended event that yielded global coverage and attention. The campaign is still cited by WWF as an important part of the organization’s history. 

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