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Recording of our Virtual Event on the Business Perspective on Decarbonization Policies

As we noted earlier this week, "with the beginning of the Biden-Harris Administration and the start of a new session of Congress, efforts to decarbonize the economy are getting renewed attention with announcements being made seemingly every day on new net zero pledges, new partnerships designed to boost advanced technologies and new products and services designed to help the U.S. meet mid-century climate goals."

To help highlight the business perspective on these policies, we invited two clients (Hugh Welsh and Roger Williams) and one collaboration partner (Jennifer Holmgren) to join us for a virtual roundtable event with reporters this week. Our three special guests are the leaders of three companies working on decarbonization solutions every day; their work focuses on related topics such as carbon pricing, agricultural methane emissions, carbon capture and utilization and carbon offsets:

On Thursday, March 25 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm EDT, these three business leaders joined RENEWPR President Ben Finzel to discuss what they're doing, what they're seeing from their partners and what they think Washington needs to know about the business community's commitment to advancing this conversation. It was a great conversation and provided terrific insight into many of the issues dominating energy policy and energy policy news coverage. You can view the recording of our one hour conversation here (password is: 2Y9?wc.H).

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And stay tuned for more opportunities to hear from business, NGO, academic and other leaders on the energy, environment and LGBTQ issues shaping our world.



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