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Our Website 3.0

Today, we’re relaunching our website. And while we understand that means more to us than anyone else, we’re still excited.

As a representation of a firm’s brand, a website is often the first thing prospective clients see if a firm is referred to them or they read about a firm on social media and seek out its web presence. Our website was more than four years old (even though we updated it once) and we felt it was time for a wholesale change to reflect new design standards and to incorporate more color, more photos and an improved layout that highlights our blog.

Our new website features the seven core energy and environment topic areas of focus for our firm even more strongly with a moving photo carousel that highlights them. The site also includes the three latest blog posts on the home page and links to our three social media channels in a sidebar on every page that moves as you view each page. We’ve also added new photos to several pages and improved the functionality of the mobile version of the site.

We encourage you to take a look at our new site and let us know your thoughts. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to sign-up for updates so that you’re notified each time we add a new blog post and share other announcements.



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