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On Our Sixth Anniversary in Business, "We've Got Your Six"

Later this month, RENEWPR will celebrate six years in business. If you follow us, you know that we like to celebrate anniversaries: we appreciate taking the opportunity to thank our clients, colleagues and friends for helping us build a sustainable, successful business. This year is, obviously, different. How should we “celebrate” in this perilous moment in time? After a year in which it seemed like we all needed a helping hand and a reminder that we’re all in this together, there could only be one theme for an anniversary that falls right after 2020: We’ve Got Your Six. If you’re not familiar with the term, “we’ve got your six” is a military expression that originated with pilots in World War 1. It means “we’ve got your back” (if you assume you’re facing the 12 o’clock hour on a clock, the 6 o’clock hour is directly behind you so someone who has your six has your back). And it’s so very appropriate for the work we’re celebrating this month:

  • Six years of solving client communications challenges

  • 72 months of providing strategy, messaging, media and partnerships advice, counsel and outreach

  • 312 weeks of focusing on energy, environment and LGBTQ issues and opportunities

  • 2,190 days of collaborating with more than 36 clients, dozens of colleagues, more than a dozen partner agencies and our awesome six-person Team

Over the past six years, we’ve won awards, developed new client strategies, created new client messaging, landed top tier client media placements and helped forge new client partnerships. We couldn’t have done any of it without the collaborative efforts of the RENEWPR Team.

I can think of no better way to celebrate our anniversary than by honoring that collaboration to demonstrate one way that We’ve Got Your Six: giving back to honor six organizations focused on energy, environment or LGBTQ issues. If there ever was a time to recognize and celebrate the work of advocates for these vital issues, it’s now. We’re fortunate to have the ability to help (even if only a little) and we’re thrilled to take the opportunity to do it.

To identify the groups we’re honoring, I asked each RENEWPR Team member to nominate an energy, environment or LGBTQ organization to be honored and highlighted this month (and I’ve picked one too). In addition to making a donation to each of the nominated groups, we’ll highlight their work and the Team members who nominated them on our social media channels all month long.

So watch for insight and perspective from Annette Larkin, Darren Goode, Jayne Brady, Lowen Baumgarten, Steve Kauffman and me this month. I hope you’ll join us for the conversation by following us on Twitter and Instagram and liking us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ll share updates there over the next two weeks and we’ll wrap-up the celebration here on the RENEWPR blog with an overview of all of the organizations on the 22nd of January, one day before our sixth anniversary (January 23rd).

Thank you to our clients, colleagues, partners and friends. We appreciate your support, encouragement and collaboration. We hope we’ve returned the favor in the past six years. As we embark on year seven and beyond, we want you to know that today and everyday, We’ve Got Your Six.



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