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Expanding Our Team

The new website we launched today now highlights one of the most exciting changes we’ve made to our firm: the expansion of the team of colleagues who work on client projects.

Our team is now five people strong and includes senior independent public relations professionals in three major U.S. markets: Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. Just as importantly, the team also includes experienced practitioners with expertise in crisis communications, corporate reputation, media relations and training, public affairs and writing, and they span sectors such as energy, environment, education, food and beverage, healthcare, national security and technology.

To say we’re excited about the team we’ve built would be an understatement. Each team member is an accomplished, respected expert in their own right: together, they comprise an awesome collection of talent that can be applied against a variety of communications challenges.

But don’t take our word for it. We asked the team to share insight about their approach, their background and their reasons for working with us:

  • Lowen Baumgarten (San Francisco): “In the media culture that we’re in, there is a very high premium on authenticity – communicating like a real person, in a way that sounds unrehearsed – and real expertise. The trick is, those two qualities rarely come together. I bring that emphasis to all my clients, and RENEWPR knows how to put forward your message with authenticity.”

  • Jayne Brady (Washington, D.C.): “Strong relationships are invaluable especially when a crisis hits. I built my public relations practice around my network that includes journalists, government officials, technical experts, and business contacts. I encourage my clients to maintain their relationships, especially with journalists regardless of the issue. Check in a few times a year, just so they know you or your organization are an available resource for their stories. If a crisis arises clients can fall back on these established relationships to tell their story.”

  • Steve Kauffman (Chicago): “RENEWPR has garnered an exceptional industry reputation in a short time. I look forward to adding my expertise, especially in the fields of higher education and diversity marketing, as a driver of the firm’s future growth. As a former journalist with a career mixed in agency and corporate PR, I’m able to provide clients a holistic approach to their communications strategy for a variety of target audiences."  

  • Annette Larkin (Washington, D.C.): “The most interesting complement I ever received from a client, who is now at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is that I'm unique from other PR consultants in that I specialize in "human-centered" communications. What does that mean? I like to help people say what needs to be said, whether they are key messages during media interviews or speeches, in a way that is authentic, connects emotionally, and is in that person's voice.”  

Wow, right? Our team rocks. We’ll share more about who they are and what we’re working on in the future – watch this space and our social media channels for updates. And if you’d like to work with us, drop me a line (



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