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Celebrating the First Recipient of the RENEWPR LGBTQIA Endowed Scholarship for Students at TTU

Last year, we celebrated our seventh anniversary in business by announcing the debut of the RENEWPR LGBTQIA Endowed Scholarship at the Texas Tech Alumni Association for LGBTQIA students at Texas Tech University. We decided to honor our “seven years of good luck” by giving back to help others. The annual scholarship provides funding for an LGBTQIA student in the college of Arts and Sciences or any LGBTQIA student in a college at Texas Tech who plans to study abroad.

As we continue the celebration of our eighth year in business, I’m pleased to announce the first winner of this new scholarship: Doan Tran. Doan Tran is an impressive student completely deserving of the scholarship. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Doan had to say in her own words:

Doan Tran: “The RENEWPR scholarship to me means opportunity, growth, relief and excitement! As a minority and first-generation student who is putting herself through college I find myself often at the shorter end of the stick, but with receiving the RENEWPR scholarship it brings me hope, and light that there is opportunity for me and my future. This scholarship is more than its monetary value for me; it encourages me to continue even when things are hard, and to realize that there are wonderful people and businesses like Ben Finzel and RENEWPR that are right behind me as I continue my education!”

The idea for this scholarship came in part from my participation in the Texas Tech Alumni Pride Network, a national group of LGBTQ graduates of Texas Tech University. The staff at the Pride Network, the Texas Tech Office of LGBTQIA Education and Outreach and the Texas Tech Alumni Association helped bring the idea to life. I couldn’t be more proud and more grateful.

We will be announcing the winner of the second year of the scholarship soon. If you'd like to donate to the scholarship fund to help us increase its value to students, here's the link: (select the RENEWPR LGBTQIA Endowed Scholarship in the drop-down menu).

Please join me in congratulating Doan on her achievements!



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