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Coming Soon: The Common Sense Colloquy Q&A series

Beginning next month, we’ll launch our new Q&A series, The Common Sense Colloquy, here on the RENEWPR blog. Each month or so, we’ll post a short interview with a client, former client, colleague, partner or other interesting person we think you might want to hear from. Each interview will feature a handful of questions designed to illuminate a perspective on an issue, share insight on a program or educate about a mission along with two "common sense" questions to help illuminate our communications mission.

Our two "common sense" questions to be included in each colloquy are:

  • What’s the best “common sense” advice about communications you’ve received?

  • What’s the best “common sense” advice about communications you give to others?

We hope you’ll enjoy this new series and will find it both entertaining and informative. We look forward to sharing the Common Sense Colloquy with you and welcome your comments and feedback.

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