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#RENEWfirst - Year One by the Numbers

With our first year in business now behind us (our anniversary was January 23rd so we are one year, one month and one day old today), we thought it would be interesting to take a look at our first year by the numbers. And what a terrific first year it was! Take a look:


1: Number of years in business

4: Number of collaborations initiated in our first year (with Flying Colors Broadcasts, Mida Associates, 38 North Solutions and Sensis)

9: Number of Network Partners added in our first year (including our current group – Tipton Inc., hagen inc, Beyond Concepts, Reverberate Media, Elasticity, The Campaign Workshop, LUNA+EISENLA media, Cimko Strategies, and Hawthorne Strategy Group)

15: Number of clients in our first year (more on them in future posts - and watch for a new webpage on our clients next month)

Social Media

21: Number of blog posts on the RENEWPR blog in our first year

844: Number of tweets from our @RENEWPRagency account in our first year

364: number of Twitter followers gained for @RENEWPRagency in our first year

291: number of Facebook likes for our Renewpr,llc page in our first year

44: number of LinkedIn followers earned for our RENEWPR company page in our first year

Outreach and Marketing

1: number of webinars we conducted (with LUNA+EISENLA media and NGLCC) in our first year

1: number of panel discussions on PR and communications we participated in (with IABC-DC) in our first year

3: number of guest posts on Adweek's PR Newser site (January 8, 2016; July 23, 2015; March 18, 2015) in our first year

3: number of Common Sense Conversations breakfast events held (more on them in a future post) in our first year

21: number of senior executive participants in our new Common Sense Conversations breakfast series in our first year

16: number of news stories about RENEWPR in our first year

Life Lessons

Too many count: number of times we realized how fortunate we've been in our first year in business and how grateful we are for our clients, Network Partners, Collaborations and colleagues and friends

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