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Happy RENEW Year!

A year ago at this time, I was filling out forms, writing checks and trying to navigate all of the many pre-launch requirements of a new business (did I really build my own website?). Today, I’m celebrating a very successful first year (more on that later) and looking forward to the second one with anticipation and excitement.

When I launched RENEWPR last January, I wrote about my resolution to renew and resolved to:

  • refocus my professional endeavors around the issues, opportunities, challenges, people and organizations that motivate me.

  • refresh my commitment to collaborating with smart people on compelling, invigorating communications challenges.

  • renew my passion for communications and the ways in which effective engagement can help solve problems and advance agendas.

And yes, this is one resolution that I actually kept – it has become my RENEW reality:

  • I’ve had the good fortune to work with more than a dozen organizations on a broad variety of compelling, relevant and fascinating issues and opportunities.

  • I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with longtime and new friends and colleagues on a number of challenging initiatives – and my clients are smart, committed and collaborative.

  • I’ve jumped in to my new role with both feet and found that not only is the water just fine, but I’m a better swimmer than I thought – and I’m enjoying it (all of it) a great deal.

I recognize how lucky I am to be doing work I love with people I care about and respect. And I acknowledge that it has not been easy: a lot of hard work, a little luck, and much collaboration with amazing people went into the past year. And I’m sure the next year will demand even more. But I’m ready, willing and able. As one calendar year ends and another begins, I am renewed.

I’ll have more to say about new work, new partners and new activities in the weeks and months ahead. And in the lead-up to RENEWPR’s first anniversary (January 23, 2016), I’ll be sharing thoughts on lessons learned, insight on accomplishments and plans for the future.

So stay tuned. There’s more to come.

Happy RENEW Year!

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