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Our New Collaborations

As we continue to build a consulting business based on "Restoring common sense to communications," we’re thinking about new ways to engage an increasingly diverse variety of clients in solving communications challenges. In addition to working with Our Network Partners, we're now collaborating with leading counselors in related industries such as online and television broadcasting and live event management.

The driver of this concept is simple: while the lines between various public engagement disciplines may be blurring, the need for clear and compelling communications has never been more stark. In a world of often overwhelming amounts of news and information, it’s more important than ever to understand how to bring different insights and skillsets to bear on behalf of clients.

We’re delighted to announce our first such new collaboration today: RENEWPR President and Founder Ben Finzel will serve as “energy and environment communications advisor” to Flying Colors Broadcasts. In this role, Ben will provide advice, counsel and outreach assistance on energy and environmental issues and opportunities to Flying Colors Broadcasts and their clients.

Flying Colors Broadcasts is a woman-owned, DC-based firm that combines video production, live event management and distribution services via satellite and webcasting technologies to clients around the world.

These new collaborations will provide RENEWPR with expanded opportunities to help clients “build strategies, create messages, grow media engagement and nurture partnerships.” That’s what "Restoring common sense to communications" is all about.

We’re thrilled to have this opportunity and we look forward to working with the terrific, talented Flying Colors Broadcasts team.

Watch for more on our new collaborations on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages – and don’t forget to like and follow us there as well.


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