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Our New Logo

We’re debuting our new logo today – check out the upper left-hand corner of the website or look below to see it.

We are so excited to have a new logo for our new business. We’ll be using it across all of our public platforms (check out our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles today – and follow and like us while you’re there) and in our email and written communications.

We want to thank the good folks at The Campaign Workshop for their excellent work in designing our logo. And for putting up with lots of questions from us along the way (patience is a virtue!).

Okay, so it’s only a logo. We get that. But we ARE excited about it. It’s a simple thing, but it means so much to a business or an organization at any stage of development and growth. A logo conveys what is important to you, who you are, and how you want to be perceived. We think our new logo says the following about us:

  • We believe in clarity and simplicity: we practice what we preach (see our messaging on what our name means and our focus on restoring common sense to communications from our debut post)

  • We are focused, deliberate PR people: we’re communicators and that’s what we do

  • We want to be perceived as current, clear and compelling: we’re relevant, direct and effective

What do you think? Is that what you get from our logo? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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