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My New Year's Resolution: To Renew

I've never been a big fan of New Year's resolutions: they've always seemed temporary. Will you really commit to that improvement all year long? This year was different. I made a big one: to renew. Specifically, after working in Washington for 25 years, I resolved to:

  • refocus my professional endeavors around the issues, opportunities, challenges, people and organizations that motivate me.

  • refresh my commitment to collaborating with smart people on compelling, invigorating communications challenges.

  • renew my passion for communications and the ways in which effective engagement can help solve problems and advance agendas.

I know, I know: that sounds lofty and a bit New Age-y. [I am a GenXer, after all.] Well, no, actually. It's my reality. My renew reality.

Today I am addressing that resolution with a single action: I'm establishing my own practice and launching a new energy and environmental communications consulting firm - RENEWPR.

Why RENEWPR? The name underscores my commitment to communication that is simple and clear rather than cumbersome and complex and it reflects my goal to help clients build, create, grow and nurture their businesses by addressing their energy and environmental communications challenges.

In the months ahead, I'll be talking about my mission to "restore common sense to communications." To me, that means providing senior counsel and leadership focused on four principles: truth, clarity, engagement and collaboration.

Let me explain.

I take the approach that most energy and environmental communications challenges can be addressed with focused, compelling, effective, sustainable communications programs and initiatives. Here’s what that means:

  • The strategy we develop must be true to you.

  • The message we create must be clear.

  • The media outlets we engage must be relevant to your audiences.

  • The partners we collaborate with must be compelled to take action for and with you.

That's what I do: I help clients build strategies, create messages, grow media engagement and nurture partnerships.

And that's what RENEWPR will do with associations, alliances, coalitions, corporations, foundations, NGOs and others considering energy and environmental issues and opportunities.

I can't wait to get started. This is more than "just" a New Year's resolution. It's a personal evolution. It's time to renew.


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