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19 Months, 19 Clients

As of today, we've been in business 19 months (we officially launched on January 23, 2015). In that time, we've worked with 19 clients. We're proud to say that several of those clients have worked with us before and many that hired us last year either continued our relationship into this year or hired us again this year for additional projects.

To say that we've been lucky would be an understatement. We've been so fortunate to work with smart, committed, capable, focused organizations that know what they want to accomplish and have been ready, willing and able to collaborate with us to achieve their objectives.

We'll highlight many of these clients on the new "Clients" page of our website launching in the next few weeks. Today, we want to mention a few of the notable projects we've had the pleasure of working on in the past year. Given our four- part approach focused on providing senior counsel and leadership to clients on strategy, media, messaging and partnerships, we've provided one example of each type of project below.

  • We signed up to help a former client develop and determine the right strategy for updating their most recognized program brand (which we helped launch nearly ten years ago). Working in collaboration with two of our Network Partners, we provided brand strategy and insight, conducted research and identified the right path forward for them, based not just on the research outcomes, but on our understanding of their specific needs. The client is using our recommendations to plan the next steps on their rebranding initiative.

  • We helped a well-established and well-connected trade association develop new messaging to help promote not just what the organization does, but why it's important and relevant to others. That project involved research, literature review, member organization interviews and more than a few internal discussions and brainstorms. The resulting work product - which we delivered in board and annual meeting presentations - was hailed as uniquely suited to the needs of the client and is being rolled out organization-wide in 2016.

  • We jumped in to help when an industry organization asked for last-minute assistance in managing the media outreach and engagement for the appearance of a high-profile political leader at their annual conference (hint: he's a BFD). That short-term project provided an excellent opportunity for us to work with one of our Network Partners and demonstrate just what the RENEWPR team can accomplish under pressure - the organization cited our knowledge of the topic and our insight into media relations best practices as key reasons for the overwhelming communications success of the event.

  • We worked with a national foundation to conduct target audience research designed to provide insight for development and execution of a partnerships program. Based on the strong response to our initial research, we were then hired to develop and manage an industry partnership program to provide recommendations for action and suggestions for additional outreach. This program, which is focused on the public relations industry itself, has doubled in size in one year and contributed to enhanced awareness of the client's key issues and greater involvement in addressing them.

Simply put, we're having a lot of fun. And we're so enjoying this opportunity to do well by doing good. We look forward to working with many more talented people and organizations. Will that list include you? Drop us a line and let us know how we might help you restore common sense to your communications.

Washington, DC - home of RENEWPR

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