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Our Collaborations Increase

We’re excited to announce today that we’re expanding our collaborations program to include the cross-cultural advertising experts of Sensis.

Our collaborations program comprises partnerships between RENEWPR and leading public engagement firms providing complementary services to match our communications and public relations expertise with that of the other firms specializing in related areas such as video production, live broadcasts, fundraising, event planning, business strategy, public policy and now, advertising.

Sensis is an LA-based firm that provides cross-cultural advertising to corporate, association, foundation and government clients. RENEWPR President Ben Finzel will collaborate with the earned media team at Sensis to provide energy-focused public relations and communications advice, counsel and outreach to Sensis clients and support related client development activities.

Sensis does the kind of smart, focused work that we enjoy. Their focus on cross cultural communication that is resonant to multiple cultures and relevant to multiple platforms means that they will help us do more kinds of work and reach more kinds of audiences. We know we’re fortunate to have this opportunity to collaborate with Sensis and we are looking forward to working with Jose Villa, Danny Allen, Karla Fernandez, Romina Bongiovanni and the entire Sensis team.

Watch for more on all of our collaborations on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages – and don’t forget to like and follow us there as well.

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