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Our Commitments

We started this agency because we’re passionate about restoring common sense to communications. We want to help business, organization and advocacy leaders communicate more effectively about the impact of their energy and environment business decisions on the global community, economy and environment.

One of our principles of communication is clarity. We apply that standard to ourselves as well. We think it’s important to be clear about what we are committed to so that clients, partners and others know where we stand. From climate change to the proper role of new technologies in our energy mix, there is a lot to consider. And there’s also a lot of confusion about what’s real and true and what’s, well, just hot air.

As with Our Values, clarifying Our Commitments was pretty straightforward: it’s all about saying what we believe and believing what we say. With that in mind, here are our seven commitments:

  • We affirm the need for existing energy resources such as natural gas along with the continued development of the energy marketplace to enable growth and enhanced deployment of a wide range of renewable and other clean energy technologies including: wind, solar, marine, hydropower and geothermal energy; energy storage, fuel cells and battery technology; electricity, biofuels and related cleaner transportation technologies; along with increased energy efficiency of products, systems, buildings and networks.

  • We support efforts by governments and the private sector to boost research and development and deployment of advanced energy technologies that address our environmental challenges, reduce emissions, enhance waste disposal and contribute to economic growth.

  • We recognize the need for the development and health of responsible electricity markets, new business models and the adoption of clean energy.

  • We advocate for responsible, effective legislative and regulatory efforts to foster innovation and seamlessly incorporate new or improved technologies that can benefit society, the economy and the environment.

  • We promote infrastructure development and responsible economic activities that consider environmental protection and social needs without sacrificing appropriate growth and development.

  • We respect our shared history and believe in the value of historic preservation programs to honor the natural and manmade landmarks that form the legacy of our nation.

  • We pledge to work with clients and partners who share our view that climate change is a significant global problem that requires proactive action to address its harmful impacts.

For us, these are not idle comments. They form the core of our approach to energy and environment communications. We hope Our Commitments are helpful to you in evaluating our experience, understanding our point of view and making the decision to consider us as a communications partner. We look forward to hearing from you.

Preamble to the U.S. Constitution

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