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RENEWPR Restoring Common Sense to Communications

We have been fortunate to work with dozens of prominent organizations in a variety of fields, including leading international institutions, pioneering energy technology firms, emerging energy and environment coalitions and trade associations and LGBTQ advocacy leaders and agenda-setting foundations. 

It was always a pleasure to communicate with Ben because you knew he listened and leveled with you on all issues, big or small.

Kathleen Reilly, former Pool Safely Campaign Leader, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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RENEWPR is a founding member of The Change Agencies, the national network of independently-owned public relations firms focused on inclusive marketing and communications to multicultural and LGBTQ communities. 

Together, our member agencies have extensive experience communicating by, for and with African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Indigenous and LGBTQ communities. As members of these communities, we represent, reflect, respect and understand how best to communicate with and engage these audiences.


The Change Agencies help businesses and organizations identify, assess and address inclusive marketing and communications challenges and opportunities with these communities.

Learn more on The Change Agencies website:

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