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More Follow-Up on Four Years, Four Commitments

Our Fifth Anniversary in business is now just one week away (watch for a blog post next week with thoughts on what it means) so time is running out to share another update on one of the pro bono projects we conducted in 2019 to celebrate our fourth anniversary last January.

Last summer, we took the opportunity to provide additional help to RENEWPR client Family Equality. Family Equality hired us in May of 2019 to work on a summer season media relations project in support of their Every Child Deserves a Family campaign.

As we worked on the project over the summer, we realized there was more that we could do and we decided to extend our Four Years, Four Commitments offer to Family Equality to help make a greater impact. We’re glad we did: our efforts helped secure national coverage in more than half a dozen publications over the summer and boosted the organization’s ability to advocate for LGBTQ families.

We’re proud of the work we did (which included RENEWPR Team Members Annette Larkin and Steve Kauffman) and grateful to Family Equality for the opportunity to continue working with them again this year too (particularly given what's already happened this year with discriminatory legislation advancing in Tennessee this week). Thank you Family Equality team!



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