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Fearless Friday Predictions Volume 4

Hello and welcome back to our Fearless Fridays predictions. Before we offer a new prediction, let’s check in on Volume 3 from March 2018. We predicted:

Prediction 5:

  • Instead of a comprehensive infrastructure package addressing a broad range of transportation, manufacturing, energy, environmental and related concerns, we’ll just see one single-issue bill enacted this year (e.g. limited transportation infrastructure language in the FAA reauthorization bill or a bill on transportation issues only).

So, how’d we do?

Well. We’d have to say this is a “miss” since we’re still waiting on any real infrastructure legislation to pass. That puts us at 3-2 so far. Still a winning percentage, but not by much.

Time for one more before the new year:

Prediction 6:

  • The Land and Water Conservation Fund will, finally, be reauthorized by Congress and the bill will be signed into law. But that won’t happen until early in 2019. Despite efforts to get it done before Congress leaves this year, the few remaining days in session will not allow enough time for action in both chambers.

Will we go to 4-2 or fall to just even at 3-3? Watch this space for updates early next year. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages or by tweeting at us @RENEWPRAgency.

Along the Rio Grande, New Mexico

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