The Common Sense Colloquy Year Two in Review – Our Favorite Comments from our Participants

This post concludes the three-part series celebrating the second year of the Common Sense Colloquy Q&A series. This post includes my favorite comment from each of the twelve smart people who participated in Year Two of this series. As with last year’s responses, I was again struck by how insightful and relevant the participants’ comments were for energy and environment communications today. In naming this series the “Common Sense Colloquy,” my intention was not just to link it to RENEWPR’s branding and purpose, but to make the point that common sense in communications is vital to effectively engaging others. The wisdom, insight and perspective of our Year Two participants certainly bears tha

The Common Sense Colloquy Year Two in Review - "The Best Advice I've Given to Others"

Today, I’m sharing the second post in our three-part series marking the end of the second year of the Common Sense Colloquy. The Colloquy is our monthly Q&A series in which I pose questions about communications to energy and environmental leaders from a variety of influential organizations and institutions. Year Two was just as fascinating and insightful as Year One as you’ll see in the comments below highlighting the best common sense communications advice our participants have given to others. As with our first year, Year Two of the Common Sense Colloquy included interviews with twelve participants (one each month, evenly divided between men and women). And as with last year, the insight w

The Common Sense Colloquy Year Two in Review – “Best Advice I’ve Received”

We’ve just wrapped up the second year of our series of monthly Q&As with influential energy and environmental leaders. It’s hard to believe we’ve now had two dozen participants in our Common Sense Colloquy series. As I noted last year at this time, I didn't know what to expect when I started this series in February 2018. What I hoped was that I’d get smart people to share common sense advice about communications. The results have far exceeded my hopes: each Q&A has been insightful in different ways and I’ve learned so much, not just about energy and environmental communications, but about the fascinating people I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing. Now I get to highlight all o

The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Ethan Zindler of BloombergNEF

There are many ways to provide advice on common sense communications. One of the best is to, well, actually provide advice. This month, we have a wonderful example of that with a Common Sense Colloquy with Ethan Zindler, head of the Americas for BloombergNEF (BNEF). Ethan weighs in on what we can learn from others, the role of journalism in communications and more. It’s great stuff – and so helpful. Ethan’s advice brings to mind the adage that sometimes the best advice is the simplest. In his role at BNEF, Ethan is the organization’s primary spokesperson in Washington, and he is regularly quoted in media and asked to testify before Congress. He also manages the company’s analyst and commerci

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