Five Years Later: Thanks, Photos and the Playlist from our Fifth Anniversary Celebration

As I wrote in a post last week, I had no idea when I launched RENEWPR five years ago what the future would hold. It’s been an amazing – and fantastic – first five years. And the milestone is certainly worthy of celebration. After celebrating the firm’s first and second anniversaries with receptions, I had always planned to hold another one for our fifth anniversary. I knew this celebration had to be even more special – it’s not every day that a small business reaches the five-year milestone (and it's a first for me). To start, I reached out to clients, former bosses, colleagues, partners and leaders who have inspired me and asked them to serve on a Honorary Host Committee for the celebration

The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Marilyn Brown of Georgia Tech

The objective of this series is to share insight and perspective on the challenges of communicating about about energy and environmental topics from a variety of people involved in many different types of businesses and organizations. We’re proud this month to add the voice of Dr. Marilyn Brown, Regents' and Brook Byers Professor of Sustainable Systems in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Brown is a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her work as a co-author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group III Assessment Report on Mitigation of Climate Change, Chapter 6. What better person to ask to participate in o

Celebrating Five Years of Common Sense, Connections and Colleagues

Five years ago at this time, I was preparing to hit “send” on a flurry of emails to contacts, colleagues, former clients and friends announcing the launch of my new public relations firm, RENEWPR. I was confident in the future, but I had no idea how terrific the next five years would be. In that time, I’ve worked with more than two dozen clients on projects large and small in areas across the country. I’ve helped clients communicate about topics as diverse as carbon capture, community solar, small wind turbines, energy efficiency, safe digging, sustainable energy, clean energy finance, LGBTQ families and adoption, LGBTQ advocacy through music, the power of local broadcast television to win e

More Follow-Up on Four Years, Four Commitments

Our Fifth Anniversary in business is now just one week away (watch for a blog post next week with thoughts on what it means) so time is running out to share another update on one of the pro bono projects we conducted in 2019 to celebrate our fourth anniversary last January. Last summer, we took the opportunity to provide additional help to RENEWPR client Family Equality. Family Equality hired us in May of 2019 to work on a summer season media relations project in support of their Every Child Deserves a Family campaign. As we worked on the project over the summer, we realized there was more that we could do and we decided to extend our Four Years, Four Commitments offer to Family Equality to

Follow-up on Four Years, Four Commitments

As we approach our fifth anniversary in business later this month (more on that soon), I thought now would be a good time to follow-up on one of the commitments I made last year to celebrate our fourth anniversary. Last January, I announced that RENEWPR would conduct pro bono projects with four advocacy organizations in 2019 to mark our fourth anniversary in business. Here’s the follow-up on one of those commitments: the Alliance to Save Energy. In December, we provided pro bono help to the Alliance and their colleagues at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy and Business Council for Sustainable Energy on the release of the Energy Efficiency Impact Report. This report is firs

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