The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Miranda Ballentine of Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to engage with a business leader who also happens to be a former Obama Administration appointee and energy executive. Lucky us that today is one such day as we share our Common Sense Colloquy Q&A with Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) Chief Executive Officer Miranda Ballentine. We asked Miranda about REBA’s work as well as lessons she’s learned in her career. We love her succinct answer to our standard questions on best common sense communications advice! Miranda joined REBA as founding Chief Executive Officer in 2018. REBA is an alliance of large clean energy buyers, developers and service providers who work with NGO partners to open th

The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Collin O’Mara of the National Wildlife Federation

In this, our 20th Common Sense Colloquy blog Q&A, we’ve asked the National Wildlife Federation President and Chief Executive Officer Collin O’Mara to share his thoughts about communications, the challenge of making wildlife conversation relevant to a broader conversation, the lessons he’s learned in his career and our usual questions on the best common sense communications advice he’s received and given. Collin leads the nation’s largest wildlife conservation organization: the National Wildlife Federation includes 52 state and territorial affiliates and has nearly 6 million members representing a range of interests from hunting and fishing to conservation and recreation. In this role, he reg

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