The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Roger Ballentine of Green Strategies

We’re continuing Year Two of the Common Sense Colloquy with a new Q&A about communicating on challenging subjects, advising world leaders and the importance of knowing your audience with Roger Ballentine of Green Strategies. Roger is a former White House staffer in the Clinton administration and an acknowledged expert on energy and environmental policy and technology. He served as Chairman of President Clinton’s White House Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to the President for Environmental Initiatives. Today, he is president of Green Strategies, an advisory firm that works with leading companies and organizations on a broad range of energy and environmental issues. Roger curre

Fearless Friday Predictions Volume 5

Hello and welcome back to our Fearless Friday Predictions series in which we offer our best guesses about action on energy and environment topics and issues. Before we offer a new prediction, let’s check in on Volume 4 from December 2018. We predicted: Prediction 6: The Land and Water Conservation Fund will, finally, be reauthorized by Congress and the bill will be signed into law. But that won’t happen until early in 2019. Despite efforts to get it done before Congress leaves this year, the few remaining days in session will not allow enough time for action in both chambers. So, how’d we do? Hey, we were right! The President signed a permanent reauthorization of the Land Water Conservation

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