The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Katharine Hayhoe

We’re excited to kick off Year Two of the Common Sense Colloquy series with an amazing Q&A about climate, science and communications with Katharine Hayhoe. If you are not already following her on Twitter, go do that now – we’ll wait… If you are following her on Twitter, you know that Katharine is a transformational and inspirational leader on science, climate and communications. When she is not educating and engaging others on Twitter or sharing her insights through an aggressive public speaking schedule, Katharine is an atmospheric scientist who studies climate change and why it matters to us here and now. She has received the American Geophysical Union’s Climate Communication Prize, the St

Expanding Our Team

The new website we launched today now highlights one of the most exciting changes we’ve made to our firm: the expansion of the team of colleagues who work on client projects. Our team is now five people strong and includes senior independent public relations professionals in three major U.S. markets: Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. Just as importantly, the team also includes experienced practitioners with expertise in crisis communications, corporate reputation, media relations and training, public affairs and writing, and they span sectors such as energy, environment, education, food and beverage, healthcare, national security and technology. To say we’re excited about the team

Our Website 3.0

Today, we’re relaunching our website. And while we understand that means more to us than anyone else, we’re still excited. As a representation of a firm’s brand, a website is often the first thing prospective clients see if a firm is referred to them or they read about a firm on social media and seek out its web presence. Our website was more than four years old (even though we updated it once) and we felt it was time for a wholesale change to reflect new design standards and to incorporate more color, more photos and an improved layout that highlights our blog. Our new website features the seven core energy and environment topic areas of focus for our firm even more strongly with a moving p

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