The Common Sense Colloquy One Year Later – My Favorite Comments from our Participants

As I conclude the celebration of the first anniversary of the Common Sense Colloquy Q&A series, I’m sharing my favorite quote from each of the twelve brilliant people who participated in our first year. Although I asked each person a different set of questions, the responses aren’t just all wonderful examples of common sense, but they are timely, relevant and insightful about the current state of energy and environment communications and indeed, about communications in general. At a time when the world seems upside down on a regular basis, common sense can provide both a starting point and an affirmation of what is right, true and meaningful. I think that applies to the wisdom of our Year On

The Common Sense Colloquy One Year Later – “The Best Communications Advice I’ve Given To Others”

Today, I’m continuing the celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Common Sense Colloquy, my monthly Q&A series in which I pose questions about communications to influential energy and environmental leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences from finance to policy and business to advocacy. I’ve had the good fortune to work with many of our participants and I was thrilled to benefit again from the advice, perspective and experience they shared in this series. In the first year of the Common Sense Colloquy, I shared insights from one leader each month. Yesterday, I shared the answer each one of these twelve people gave to one of our two “standard” questions: what’s the best advice

The Common Sense Colloquy One Year Later – “The Best Communications Advice I’ve Received”

One year ago, I launched a new series called the Common Sense Colloquy. The idea was to ask notable energy and environmental leaders from a variety of different fields for their insight on communications based on their own experience and expertise. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I knew that if I asked smart people to share their wisdom I’d at least get some interesting insight. By grounding the series in “common sense,” I wanted to identify simple, sensible feedback that would initiate an ongoing dialogue about smart communications on what can be challenging topics. One year later, I’m proud – and a bit humbled – to say that we have succeeded. The insight shared by our participants

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