The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Jason Grumet of the Bipartisan Policy Center

Welcome to our twelfth Common Sense Colloquy, a Q&A with Jason Grumet, president of the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC). We’ve been fortunate to work with Jason and his team on multiple occasions including in support of the launch of the American Energy Innovation Council in 2010 and, more recently, with the launch of the Carbon Capture Coalition in 2018. As President of BPC, Jason works with a team of policy experts on topics as varied as energy, education, health, economy, infrastructure and more. BPC is recognized and respected as a think tank that aggressively promotes bipartisanship in solving often- challenging policy and political problems. Jason has a background in energy and environm


Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s been four years since I launched RENEWPR on January 23, 2015. Since then, I’ve celebrated each business anniversary by highlighting the people and issues I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and on over the years. In the first two years, I celebrated our business anniversary with an evening reception (and I even posted my playlist from the second anniversary party). In the third year, I focused on giving back (with financial contributions) to three causes that related to our work on energy, environment and LGBT issues. This year, I’m continuing the theme of giving back with #FourYearsFourCommitments. In honor of our four years in business, I’m givin

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year! As we said on Twitter over the holidays, “What a year! Good, bad, and well, just wow.” Here’s hoping 2019 is less eventful and more focused on moving America and the world forward together. Speaking of “forward,” this month, we’ll celebrate our fourth anniversary in business. Time flies when you’re having fun. Watch this space for updates on how we’ll celebrate the anniversary this year. This month we’ll also post our twelfth Common Sense Colloquy blog Q&A and we’ll add new client logos and other information to our website. This year, we’ll announce changes to our “Bench” and “Network Partners” efforts and we’ll launch an updated website with a new design. We’re also going to

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