The Common Sense Colloquy: Q&A with Julio Friedmann of Carbon Wrangler

Welcome to our tenth Common Sense Colloquy, a Q&A with Dr. Julio Friedmann, Senior Scholar at Columbia University and President of Carbon Wrangler. We’ve had the good fortune to work with Julio as part of our work with the Carbon Capture Coalition. As the former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy, Julio has a wealth of experience and expertise. As the CEO of Carbon Wrangler, he now has a new platform from which to advocate and educate about carbon capture as a private citizen (albeit one with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the topic based in part on his years of public service). As any reporter who has interviewed Julio will tell you, he

Election 2018 Impact on Energy and Environmental Policy

Election 2018 was billed as many things, and it delivered in many ways. It was both surprising and expected and dramatic and simple. Its impact on federal energy and environmental policy will be similarly interesting. Here’s a snapshot of our thinking on the impact of the midterm election on the key national topics at the core of our communications consulting business. For each topic, we’ve provided our take on “likely opportunities” and “likely challenges” to share a sense of specific sectors and industries that could be most engaged in the near term policy communications landscape at the federal level. Energy Policy Likely opportunities: Given the bipartisan nature of its support, carbon c

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