Two Things I’ve Learned In My First Two Years in Business

Today marks the second anniversary of RENEWPR. It’s been a fantastic two years and I’m excited for the next two and many more beyond. On our six-month anniversary, I wrote a blog post about six things I learned in my first six months in business. I just re-read that post and I’m happy to say that they all hold true today. Rather than repeating them, I thought I’d take the occasion of our second anniversary to add two lessons learned since that post in the summer of 2015. 1) Energy and environmental communications challenges have only become more urgent. After a twenty-five year career focused mainly on energy and environmental issues, when I launched RENEWPR in 2015 I wondered (to myself) ho

What Does the 'New Washington' Mean for PR Pros?

Note: This blog post first appeared as a guest column in the January edition of Public Relations Tactics, published by the Public Relations Society of America. In the months since the earthquake that was Election Day 2016, conversations about the proper role of public relations in this new era of “populism” have continued. Does the country’s new mood mean that typical outreach efforts are no longer valid? Does growing skepticism about the media mean news coverage is no longer valuable? Do the election results mean that “PR” as we know it is now irrelevant or must change dramatically? The answers depend on how you define “public relations.” If you see it as merely another phrase for media

We're (Almost) Two!

It’s a new year in more ways than one. Later this month, we’ll celebrate our second anniversary with a reception here in DC. We’re looking forward to raising a glass with clients, colleagues and friends to celebrate our first two years in business. As we prepare for this year’s celebration, we thought it would be fun to share never-before-seen pictures from last year’s first anniversary reception at Bibiana in downtown DC. As you can see from the photos below, we had a great time celebrating with clients, colleagues and friends. Thanks to everyone who joined us. As you enjoy the pictures below, don’t forget to check your email: if you have an invitation from me for this year’s celebration, I

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